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Getting Ready for an Interview !!!

The hiring process requires you to dress professionally for an interview. Even though you don’t have to wear a suit all of the time, you should always look your best. We advocate dressing one level up from what you would wear to work every day. If you’re going to be dressed casually, we recommend wearing a suit to the interview. If you’ll be wearing jeans to work every day, an interview should be dressed in a button-down shirt and khakis (for men) or formal pants and a good blouse (for women). However, we always recommend that you overdress for an interview rather than underdress. When you look your best, you tend to feel your best!!

Here are some pointers on how to dress for an interview:

  • Avoid wearing too much make-up and jewellery. Conservative is usually the best option. Make sure your hairstyle and colour are both conservative and contemporary.
  • Perfume and powerful body washes/sprays should be avoided.
  • Wear apparel that is too tight, reveals too much cleavage, or is too short. Avoid lace, sheer fabrics, and animal patterns as well. If you decide to wear a skirt to your interview, it should fall just above the knee and be paired with pantyhose.
  • Wearing open-toed shoes or stilettos is not permitted. You should be able to move about comfortably in the shoes you choose, and they should look polished.
  • The colours you choose should not be too loud or fashionable. Suits should be either black, grey, or navy in colour. It is acceptable to wear a colourful blouse.
  • Your fingernails should be well-shaped, and you should avoid using nail polish (clear is acceptable).
  • Carry a professional, modest purse or attache case with you.
  • Your hair and facial hair should be clean and clipped.
  • Use no cologne or strong-smelling aftershave.
  • If you’re going to wear a suit, go for grey, black, or navy with a matched shirt and professional tie.
  • Empty your pockets.
  • Wear a great belt and shoes that go with your outfit.
  • Carry a portfolio or briefcase made of leather.
  • Keep your nails clean and short.
  • Dress socks and polished dress shoes are required.
  • SMILE!
  • Show good hygiene by showering and brushing your teeth soon before the interview, if possible.
  • You should not chew gum or candies, and you should not smell like smoke.
  • Make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free, tear-free, and stain-free.
  • Consider how tattoos and piercings will be seen in your industry. It’s usually a good idea to cover up any tattoos and remove any piercings that aren’t in the ears.
  • Try on your attire many days before the interview, just in case you need to buy new clothes or borrow clothes from a friend or family member.

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